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Looks great on your side and is comfortable!

Introducing a new innovative way to carry small game while hunting. Our new game carrier easily hooks over your belt. No more putting your game in a vest or bag. This is a must for every squirrel hunter. Regular size holds eight squirrels. Just slide the head into the game carrier on your side. There’s no problem if the head of the squirrel gets damaged during the hunt, just slide the shoulders of the squirrel into the game carrier.

We also offer a smaller game carrier that kids and some adults alike will love. It holds from 4-6 squirrels depending on the size of the squirrel.

It also works great for ducks. No more having to hang ducks all over you. Conveniently hang them in the game carrier on your side.

Can be used for rabbits too.

Regular game carrier will hold squirrels, ducks, and rabbits.

We also have another game carrier just for dove hunters.

The best small game carrier out there!